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Salsa & Bachata Classes

Welcome to Swing Dancing! Dance to all different Swing styles: West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Country Swing & Lindy Hop! Whatever style of swing you prefer, come join us for a fun dance class and good social dance time in the heart of Salt Lake City Utah. Swing dancing is exhilirating, fun and believe it or not, for everyone! Beginners are always welcome to our group & private classes and swing socials and no partner is required. Its a blast!

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East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Country Swing & Lindy Hop Dancing in Salt Lake City

We love all social dance styles in Salt Lake City and would love to get you swing dancing on the dance floor in no time!

Feel the Thrill of Latin Dance

Get your feet moving, your body grooving & feel truly excited about life. Latin dance just does that for people! See our class schedule here.

Everyone's Invited

In addition to our Adult classes and private lessons, we offer Latin dance for youth ages 7+. Get an overview of all the classes we offer at our calendar here.

Beginners & Beyond

Our Wednesday night Intro Salsa/Bachata class for adults is a great way to begin your exploration into dancing! Beginners are welcome in any Level 1 class, and we have lots of classes to choose from. Check out our Salsa classes for Beginners & beyond right here.

Swing Dance With Us

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