private salsa bachata latin lessons dancing salt lake city

Accelerate your learning with private lessons

Group lessons are a perfect way to learn the basics, meet people and have fun. Private lessons help achieve a different set of goals. Here is what you can do with privates:

  • Boost confidence before taking group class or going to a social
  • Learn in-depth techinque
  • Learn at your own pace & on your own schedule
  • Upcoming wedding or social occasion!
  • Ability to achieve personal goals, like performing & competing
    • Single class

    • $75

      1 lesson

    • Great for trying out your 1st class, catching up on missed group class material
      or a date night!

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    • Confidence booster

    • $70/class

      5 class package

    • $350 total. $25 savings. Boost your confidence on the social dance floor by learning the basics of 1 or 5 popular dances!

    • Social dancer package

    • $65/class

      10 class package

    • $650 total. $150 Savings + Includes 2 FREE group class drop-ins & 2 studio parties. Become confident in 1 or 2 social dances/

    • Aspiring expert

    • $60/class

      20 class package

    • $1200 total. $400 savings. Includes 4 group drop-ins & 4 parties. Achieve your personal goal, dive in and excell!

You can schedule a lesson online or by calling 801.466.0490 and talking to our private lesson coordinator

Please remember! If you need to change your lesson, you must call or email us 24-hours in advance during business hours to avoid being charged. We can't wait to meet you!